Chatbot Marketing Solutions

Chatbot marketing or Messenger marketing is essential to any business! Your target customers are looking for you and are seeking to engage with you in various digital channels.

You should be there ready to respond to any potential customer, or even your existing customers, wherever and whenever they choose to interact with you.

On the information highway you want all the road signs to point to you. Crazy Monkey Media is here to ensure that you are present whenever a lead or a prospect reaches out to you via your Facebook page's Messenger.

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Test our Chatbots

We have chatbots ready to be built, customized and installed for any local business.

Go ahead and chat with our very own Crazy Monkey Chatbot, and it will run a live demo chatbot for a business you select and you can play the role of a potential customer.

Just follow the menu or type these keywords to initiate the demo.

Dentist Chatbot Demo

Gym/Fitness Chatbot Demo

Carpet Cleaner Chatbot Demo

Realtor Chatbot Demo

Auto Dealership Chatbot Demo

Coffee Shop Chatbot Demo


Insurance Agent Chatbot Demo

Roofing Company Chatbot Demo

Direct Sales Chatbot Demo

HVAC Chatbot Demo

Restaurant Chatbot Demo

Affiliate Sales Chatbot Demo